eczema salve is one of the best cream i have tried so far, reduce the itchiness and have the salve consistency that i love for my extra dry skin. I love the smell as well. Reduce appearance of scar tissue as compared to steroid creams.

- Intan Hayati

I'd sy after all these years of eczema, her products were the ones that helped me. They ease itchiness and dryness of the affected skin. - Esther

Suka sgt your chest rub! Has helped the entire family.. Anak, mak, bapak sume pakai n lega sampán boleh tido lena even time selsema. lagi satu, my infant son lebih cepat sembuh from selsema bila consistently sapu kat kaki dan sarung stokin sebelum tido. Alhamdulillah... Alhamdulillah.. Sekarang dia hulur kaki bila nampak the bottle n i use it in place of minyak telon juga.

- msinexorable

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