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True Story: A Typical Evening of an Eczema Baby

facts on eczema

12-month prevalence of Eczema among Malaysian children has risen from 9.5% (1994-1995) to 12.6% (2002-2003), with an increase of 0.49% yearly

- International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood (ISAAC)

It is estimated that the prevalence of atopic eczema is about 20% in Malaysia, with 90% of sufferers developing the condition before age five.

- Consultant Dermatologist Dr Tarita Taib

how to  treat eczema

There are many ways to treat eczema. You will find 1001 different types of eczema lotions, eczema remedies and eczema creams to treat eczema. Your skin is the biggest organ on your body and it is porous. A normal skin absorbs almost everything you apply on it in an average of 64% including toxins. This shows that what you apply on your skin is VERY important as it goes directly into your body.  


Eczema skin in general has very low natural skin barrier. This is one of the reasons why eczema skin breaks easily and broken skin promotes bacteria infection. Eczema baby's skin has higher risk as they have no control on scratching.


So, what are the criteria you should look for in choosing the right product and the right eczema cream to protect and treat the eczema skin especially for Eczema baby? Here are 5 factors:

  1. Non-steroidal and natural eczema cream (lotions are not advisable because it contains water and evaporates faster)

  2. Soothe and calm irritated eczema skin fast. Your eczema baby will be less cranky

  3. Stay moisturise for longer hours

  4. Anti-bacterial properties

  5. Anti-inflammation

the solution

The most natural Eczema cream for itchy skin:

Oleh Elona Eczema Salve

  1. NON-TOXIC: Our eczema cream for itchy skin is made from 100% natural ingredients. It does not contain hydrocortisone, paraben, and synthetic ingredients. Safe for young eczema baby even if they accidentally put their fingers inside their mouth after touching our Eczema Salve.

  2. MOISTURISES & SOOTHES ITCHY SKIN FAST: Every application of Eczema Salve helps to moisturise and protect dry skin. It soothes itchiness and locks the skin moisture longer compared to the typical eczema cream. 

  3. ANTI-BACTERIAL & ANTI-INFLAMMATION: Our main ingredients provide extra protection from bacteria and discomfort from stinging inflamed skin rash. We select our ingredients carefully to create a perfect blend and to protect eczema skin from further damage.

  4. CALMING: The subtle aroma of the essential oils also helps to calm and reduce stress level of Eczema Warrior. Your eczema baby sleeps better at night.





Raw Unrefined Shea Butter

Shea Butter in general is an all natural butter derived from the nuts of the African Shea Tree and is now the most popular ingredient in the cosmetics industry for its healing and moisturizing benefits. To get to know our shea butter, you can read more in our blog posts as follows:

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender has the highest percentage oil ratio in our formulation and is Oleh Elona favourite ingredient. We love Lavender because of its versatile properties especially in skin healing and also the aroma therapy for stressed eczema baby and adults. We use lavender in almost all Oleh Elona products. Lavender essential oil has been valued as a natural remedy for skin conditions since our great ancestors days. The oil provides circulation to skin cells that suffer from skin irritants and stress.

Lavender contains antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties benefit mild cases of eczema skin (atopic dermatitis), and was even used as an anti-bacterial in hospitals during World War I.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary is famously known as one of the favourite ingredient in culinary especially with poultries. Remember Jamie Oliver and his rosemary chicken? ;)

Rosemary essential oil has a wide array of health benefits especially its antimicrobial and antiseptic qualities that make it beneficials in managing eczema skin, skin rash, dermatitis, oily skin and acne. It also restrains infection such as infectious germs, reduce redness of skin rash, and skin inflammation.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree essential oil may help to relieve many types of skin inflammation including being used as a natural eczema treatment and for managing psoriasis. According to scientific review tea tree published in Clinical Microbiology Reviews, data clearly show that the broad spectrum activity of tea tree oil is due to its antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral properties.

Tea Tree essential oil is our choice to manage wet infected eczema skin together with the other oils in our eczema cream ingredients.

what's more?

est. since


Eczema Salve is Oleh Elona's first product and has been other Eczema Warrior's favorite ever since it was first introduced.

Formulated by an Eczema Warrior for the benefit of other Eczema Warrior. Unlike other founders who are just mothers, doctors or business person who has not gone through the challenges of eczema themselves.

An ALL PURPOSE salve. Besides eczema, itchy skin, and skin rash, you can also use it as daily body butter, minor cuts and bruises, after shave cream and also as insect/mosquito repellent. Perfect for baby bags!

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