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I'm using it (eczema salve) to heal mosquito bite and it works � fast delivery, everyone should have it

Adam Suffian Ali

I've been using the Eczema Salve for my 8year old daughter who has dry and itchy skin. It stops the itching and her skin stays moisturized for longer hours especially when she goes to school.

Been using the eczema salve for the past 1 month. It’s a great cream for my serious eczema. It ease the itchiness and the redness on my skin. And it’s totally natural, suitable for a breastfeeding mom like me. 

Jenna Ong

My son always have this spot tapi bila pakai Eczema Salve dia reduce the itchiness and tak merebak.

Hamima Samsuri

Just started to use the ezcema salve and I am loving it,really reliefs immediately dry patch skin.

Not forgetting the relaxing smel from the salve.

Jessie May-Phoon

I don't know whether it is magic or what.. haha.. the skin getting bttr.. she don't even scratch it.

Shazana Abd Karim

 We took the cream to our usual ped. The doctor allowed baby Naadirah to use eczema salve twice daily and therefore reducing the usage of steroid based cream.. Been using it for the past 10 months. Am definitely happy with the product!!

Nina Nasir

The eczema salve helps even the worst case of eczema but of course it takes time, patience and consistent application until it fully recovers.

Yee Neng

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The Star Newspaper: March 2018. Featuring the founder of Oleh Elona and sharing about how she started Oleh Elona for Eczema Warriors like her.
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